The Apprentice Baker (TAB) TV reality show, is an empowerment program, designed to train or retrain individuals with little or no baking experience for an opportunity to win awesome prizes. There are many problems in the country and not all can easily be solved by the government. One of the major problem facing the country is unemployment which can be solved by smart individuals coming together in a serene environment to be equipped with problem-solving skills for wealth creation. TAB was born out of the need to empower individuals who are passionate about baking with requisite skills and tools for job creation, self-sustenance (reliance), to be self-sufficient and also proffer solution (product/services) to other. 

What are the benefits?

TAB is a one of its kind innovative TV Reality show, that combines 4 key aspect.

  1. – Skill Acquisition.
  2. – Wealth Creation.
  3. – Business Intelligence.
  4. – Entertainment.

The TAB TV Show is expected to attract an 20 million viewers across the country and beyond. The Apprentice Baker” Reality TV Show, is a platform where participants cum contestants would be empowered (trained and equipped) with entrepreneurial skills and business ethics using the Reality TV Show format to further boost the marketability of the contestants during and after the show. The Apprentices (Tabities) are not only going to become instant celebrities (during or after the show) but also equipped with a large fan base of individuals who are ready-made customers (clients).

Eligibility and selection process to participate?

The Apprentices (or Tabites) would be accommodated (in house) for five weeks where they would learn and be equiped with different skills, techniques and tools of baking (both for manufacturing and production), research and development inclusive. There is going to be assigned task and duties in the house daily, interactions, trainings and eviction will be aired live on local/cable television station weekly and streamed live on Social Media every day. It is going to be an open and fair contest (atmosphere) where audience/viewers will be allowed to vote for their best choice via our mobile and online platforms.

How to Apply

Step 1

The first step is to click on the Apply Now button and  fill out the Application form.

Step 2

Click on the submit button to process your application and payment free of  ₦2,500, using the various payment options provided.

Step 3

You will receive an email Confirming your payment and inviting you to an audition for the show.